PWF011: The Loneliness Your Love Destroys EP

The 11th release on Pacific Wizard Foundation is The Loneliness Your Love Destroys EP. Three unabashedly romantic hymns to the dance-floors that have shaped & sustain our lives.

Edition of 300. No repress.

A: When the Shades Open
B1: The Loneliness Your Love Destroys
B2: Into The Night

Side A at 45rpm. Side B at 33.

Written & recorded by Warren Nelson & James Sinclair. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker.

Buy the digital release direct from us here.

Vinyl distributed by Groove.


  1. Another song, and it seems again about me ... Or rather about who I was before. Before the beginning relationship with the girl, which I met in videochat more details. Before that, I knew very well what loneliness really is ...
    For many people, this is one of the most terrible sufferings in life.
    It brings mental anguish, anxiety and anxiety, the pain of disappointment, deprives a normal life, I want to listen to the same song again and again. This is how it is ... Loneliness affects both men and women, and the causes of loneliness are very characteristic and understandable. It's not a desire to interact with the world, but I did everything to never live alone again.