The Witching Hour on KCSB

Pacific Horizons were guests on the Witching Hour radio show in Santa Barbara on February 13th. We presented a 43 minute mix of spooky esoteric psychedelia and were interviewed about a variety of strange subjects, among them: The North American Great Ape, chain letters, Castaneda's Tensegrity cult, the skullduggery of the Cryptocracy and much more. Thanks to Beck Hexx and The Good Professor Doctor for having us. Their show is every Thursday night on KCSB 91.9 FM

You can download the show here. Mix starts at 18:30 and the interview from 01:03:15 onward. 

Vinyl mix selected and recorded by James Sinclair for an empty moonlit Santa Barbara night.

1. Laura Huxley - Your Favorite Flower
2. Time Machines - 7-Methoxy-B-Carboline (Telepathine)
3. Nurse With Wound - White Light From the Stars in Your Mind (A Paramechanical Development)
4. Coil - MU-UR
5. Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upward - Up To The Skies
6. System Planning Corporation - Kaltbruchig Acideath
7. Lussuria - American Babylon